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10.00 euros

17.50 Euros

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Twincart Cartridge extra Rom of your choice

Twin Cartridge extra ROMs of your choice

Twincart Cartridge Top view
TwinCart Cartridge  Additional Roms

In addition to the TwinCart Cartridge for the Commodore 64 / 128, a growing number of ROMs are available.
When purchasing a TwinCart cartridge, depending on which one you order, 1 or 2 ROMs are included, these are already included in the price.
But if you now want to have more ROMs, you have the option to order these, there is already a large choice of ROMs, and the number is growing with some regularity.

Below you have an overview of the ROMs that are currently available.

Placing a Rom in the twincart is a fairly easy job, all you have to pay attention to is that the notch is on the right side (same side as the notch on the foot, and that the pins do not bend when you put the rom places.

ROM 01


ROM 02


ROM 03


ROM 04


ROM 05


ROM 06


ROM 07


ROM 08


ROM 09


ROM 10


ROM 11


ROM 12


ROM 13


ROM 14


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