Help me with composing a C64 Tool Cartridge

Composing a C64 Tool cartridge Challenge

Help putting together a C64 Tool Cartridge and have a chance to win a free copy.

I've been thinking about building a good Tool Cartridge for a while, but to be honest I do have some things I'd like to have on it, but there are so many new (and maybe better) tools that I'm not aware of.
That is why I would like to ask you to think about what should be on such a tool cartridge.
shout out things you really like, because only if I take your suggestion along will you also compete for a free copy when the cartridge is ready.

What should be on that C64 Tool Cartridge :

This could be, for example, copy programs, but also file editors, sector editors, sequential file viewers.
In any case, the file browsers for SD2IEC and the Tapecart-SD are coming, but there is still plenty of room left.

What can't go on : if you now have a diskette with a multiload toolkit on it, you can't do that on a cartridge, even programs that have to write a configuration file cannot on a cartridge.

But as said, if your contribution ends up on the cartridge, you compete for a free copy.


C64 Tool cartridge PCB

Enter for a chance to win a free C64 Tool Cartridge

You can participate in the compilation of the C64 Tool Cartridge via:




In the case of double contributions, I assume the person who mentioned it first, and please don't dump a list with 50 titles with me, then I might as well download a top50 of most used tools myself, I want to know what you like on such a page would see a cartridge.

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