Commodore 64 TapeCart SD

Commodore 64 TapeCart SD top view

A while ago I came across an article on a website about the TapeCart .
An interface that you connect to the cassette port of your Commodore 64 and which offers you a read/write capacity of no less than 2 MB 🙂
Writing to the Tapecart is done via the C64 itself and takes no less than 2 hours for a 2 MB image !!

Ordered PCBs, ordered parts and while waiting for the stuff I kept looking and came across a further development that had an SD card slot instead of 2 mb onboard flashram.
That way you not only have the possibility to manage the files on the PC, but you also have the advantage of a decent speed to copy files to and from your SD card.
An additional advantage is that you can now also test the files on the PC under the C64 emulator Winvice .

The TapeCart SD supports the following file types :

*.PRG Commodore 64 Program files, these are actually always programs that consist of 1 part.
*.TCRT Image of the 2 MB version described above, these images can simply be loaded

Tapecart_SD Side view

Tapecart Rear view
But what exactly is the TapeCart SD :

It is actually a combination of a number of Open Source projects :

Tapuino by sweetlilmre
Tapecart by Unseen and enthusi
Tapecart SD by KimJorgensen
DraBrowse by Draco

Price of the TapeCart SD is 25 euros
SD card with 25,000 PRG files is 10 euros

The TapeCart_SD for the Commodore 64 allows you to play games from an SD card.
Unlike most cartridges, the plug is inserted into the Cassette port of the Commodore 64.

Starting the boot menu is done by pressing [shift] + [Run/Stop] , this loads the 'Browser' program of the TapeCart _SD that allows you to browse the contents of the SD card and select files.
Once you have found the file you want to play, an enter is enough to start the selected program.

Only *.prg and *.tcrt are supported by TapeCart_SD

Note : only plugging in and out of the TapeCart_SD with Commodore 64 switched off
Note : Do not remove the SD card during Read / Write Actions !!!

Tapecart Filebrowser screen

Frequently Asked Questions :

How fast is the TapeCart SD ?

Fast Very fast, I can't really put a number on it. But several reviews show it to be a lot faster than the SDIEC, the Pi1541 and the 1541 themselves.

Does the interface also work with the PET, VIC20, C16, Plus 4, C128 ?

No , only the Commodore 64 and the Commodore 128 in C64 mode are supported.

Are any of the following disk image types supported D64, D71, D81 ?

No, the TapeCart SD is not a floppy drive emulator as the name suggests, it does not support any disk type image .
What might work is if you copy single *.PRG files from a disk image.
In a number of cases a disk game is nothing more than a number of PRG files that are loaded one after the other, this is done so that you keep eg intro and ending separate from your actual game and therefore have more memory for the game.

Are TAP files supported?

No, the TapeCart SD is not a Tape drive emulator as the name suggests, so it does not support digital Tape files (TAP) .

Are T64 files supported ?

No, the T64 files are a kind of containers that contain a prg file, the container is not a supported format.[ /bg_collapse]

Can the C64 also write to the SD ?

No, as said it is not a Tape or disk drive emulator, best compared to a Cartridge , where the files in the ROM are Read Only.

IS the TapeCart_SD susceptible to interference ?

No, in normal use you will not experience any problems using the TapeCart_SD, but as with all peripherals : Not mount and unmount with a machine turned on , and also insert and remove the SD card only when the machine is turned off .

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