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Price Description
30,00 Euro TapeCart_MicroSD for the Commodore 64 (Micro SD card based tape port cartridge)
10,00 Euro Micro SD card filled with more than 25.000 PRG files for the TapeCart

Due to lack of interrest only the SD version is available for purchase.


TapeCart_MicroSD for the Commodore 64 (Top view)

The TapeCart_MicroSD :

The TapeCart for the Commodore 64 allows you to play games from an Micro SD card.
Unlike most cartridges, the plug is inserted into the Cassette port of the Commodore 64.

Starting  the boot menu is done by pressing [shift] + [Run/Stop] , this loads the 'Browser' program of the TapeCart with which you can browse the contents of the SD card and select files.

Once you have found the file you want to play, an enter is enough to start the selected program.

Only *.prg and *.tcrt are supported by TapeCart_MicroSD

Note : only plug in and out of the TapeCart MicroSD with Commodore 64 switched off
Note : Do not remove the MicroSD card during Read / Write Actions !!!

The TapeCart MicroSD supports the following file types :

*.PRG Commodore 64 Program files, these are actually always programs that consist of 1 part.
*.TCRT Images from the TapeCart DIY 2 MB version, these images can be loaded.

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