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15,00 Euro Adapter for connecting a Sega Megadrive D-pad Controller to your C64 / Amiga

Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter for Commodore 64 / Amiga

C64 / Amiga Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter

Sega Mega D-pad Adapter for the Commodore 64 and the Amiga

A number of different  models of D-pad controllers have been  marketed for the Sega Megadrive (II).
The controllers for these machines are loved by retro console enthusiasts, and with the help of the Sega Mega D-pad Adapter it is now also possible to use these controllers on your Commodore 64 / 128 and Amiga computers.
Note that even though the Commodore machines and the Sega Mega Drive have the same 9-pin Sub-D connection, they are not electrically interchangeable and can seriously damage your beloved machine.

The Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter configuration :

The Configuration jumpers come with a color coding :

Yellow      : Choice of Commodore 64 or Commodore Amiga compatibility.

Blue           : D-pad key [UP] functionality : Enable / Disable

Red            : Button [B] functionality : Fire 1, Fire 2, Up

White       : Button [C] functionality : Fire 1, Fire 2, Up

WARNING ! : each button may only be appointed once,
So 1 x [Fire 1], 1 x [Fire 2], and 1 x [Up]

(Bold is Default setting)

The Yellow jumper chooses  Commodore 64  or Commodore Amiga compatibility

The Red jumper chooses Button [B]  Fire 1 , Fire 2 or [Up]

The White jumper chooses Button [C] Fire 1,  Fire 2  or [Up]

The Blue jumper chooses D-pad Button [Up]  On  or Off

If the Blue Jumper is placed, the red or white jumper may NOT be on the bottom line, only 1 key with the same function may be assigned.

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C64 / Amiga Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter
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 by Jonathan Harden
Great adapter

This works great, so much better to use a mega drive pad than a joystick!<br />
<br />
Really like that you can configure some of the behaviour using jumpers, it means it should suit most preferences for button layout!

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