Commodore 64 : Sega Mega D-Pad adapter for C64 / Amiga

Sega Mega D-Pad adapter PCB

Sega Mega D-pad Adapter for Commodore 64 and Amiga

A number of different models of D-pad controllers have been marketed for the Sega Megadrive (II).
For non-European countries, the Sega Megadrive is mainly known as the Sega Genesis.
The controllers for these machines are loved by retro console enthusiasts, and with the help of the Sega Mega D-pad Adapter it is now also possible to use these controllers on your Commodore 64 / 128 and Amiga computers.
Note that even though the Commodore machines and the Sega Mega Drive have the same 9-pin Sub-D connection, they are not electrically interchangeable and can seriously damage your beloved machine.


The Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter configuration :

The Configuration jumpers come with a color coding :

Yellow    : Choice of Commodore 64 or Commodore Amiga compatibility.

Blue : D-pad key [UP] functionality : Enable / Disable

Red    : Button [B] functionality : Fire 1, Fire 2, Up

White      : Button [C] functionality : Fire 1, Fire 2, Up

WARNING ! : each button may only be invested once,
So 1 x [Fire 1], 1 x [Fire 2], and 1 x [Up]

Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter completely assembled

Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter jumper settings (Rev. 1.01)
Sega Mega D-Pad adapter Settings :

(Item in bold is the Default setting)

The Yellow jumper chooses Commodore 64 or Commodore Amiga compatibility

The Red jumper chooses Button [B] Fire 1 , Fire 2 or [Up]

The White jumper chooses Button [C] Fire 1, Fire 2 or [Up]

The Blue jumper chooses D-pad Button [Up] On or Off

If the Blue Jumper is placed, the red or white jumper may NOT be on the bottom line, only 1 key with the same function may be assigned.


In practice, it means that not many games use the Fire 2 button, but they are there. It is extremely important that you configure the adapter correctly before using it:

You can also check the placement of the D-Pad and the buttons, I used the Amiga Test Kit from Keir Fraser , which shows per key with which function it is assigned.

One last note: If the blue jumper is removed, the UP of the D-Pad will not work, you will have to make sure that the button [B] or button [C] is covered with the UP function.

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 by Jonathan Harden on C64 / Amiga Sega Mega D-Pad Adapter
Great adapter

This works great, so much better to use a mega drive pad than a joystick!<br />
<br />
Really like that you can configure some of the behaviour using jumpers, it means it should suit most preferences for button layout!

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