Commodore 64 Pi1541 Zero

Pi1541 Zero voor de Commodore 64

Pi1541 zero, the ultimate low budget 1541 emulator.

The original Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle-exact Commodore 1541 Disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B + or 3A +.

From version V1.21 it is also suitable to run on a (slightly) overclocked Raspberry Pi Zero.
People have also managed to run the Pi Zero version on an overclocked original Pi 1.
Since version V1.22, the Commodore 1581 emulation is also supported for the Pi Zero version!

The Pi1541 Zero offers a Micro SD card solution for using files with the following extensions:

*.D64                             *.D81
*.G64                             *.NIB

Pi1541 Zero Boven aanzicht

The Pi1541 Zero support:

The images mentioned above are the various formats of diskette images that are suitable for the Commodore 8 bit line of computers such as:

Commodore 64                                          Commodore 128
Commodore Vic20                                     Commodore 16
Commodore Plus4

Navigating the Pi1541 Zero:

SELECT   (1)      Selects the image and then starts the Drive Emulation Mode. (GPIO27)
UP             (2)     
Navigate up. (GPIO22)
DOWN     (3)     
 Navigate down. (GPIO23)
BACK       (4)      go back one step in the directory structure and clear the selection. (GPIO04)
INSERT   (5)      Place an image in the selection list. (GPIO05)

(The assignment of the keys can easily be changed in the options text in the root of the Micro SD Card)


Pi1541 Zero met OLED DIsplay

Once the Pi1541 Zero has booted, type LOAD "*", 8 on the commodore 64, it will automatically load the first file from the disk, in this case that program is FB64 (CBM-Browser).

This program allows you to easily navigate through folders and select images. from your commodore 64. (FB64 can also be used to load PRG files.)

You need depending on which 8-bit Commodore machine you use one of the other CBM Browsers such as FB20, FB16 etc to use (these are not installed, but these do exist in a zip file on the SD card.
As previously mentioned , LOAD "*", 8 loads the first file placed in the 1541 folder, so make sure that the FB version you use the most is the first file copied to the 1541 folder during setup.

When using one of the curated Disk Image collections, the file names can become too long for the Commodore 64 and only 16 characters of the file name are displayed.

Since there can be multiple versions of a program starting with the same first 16 characters, it may be unclear which one you have actually selected.
The 64 only sends back the first 16 characters, so the Pi1541 Zero will link the first image that matches those 16 characters it finds in that folder.
(The full name is displayed on the Oled Pi screen).

If you switch off the Pi1541 Zero and switch it on again immediately, the commodore 64 may not be able to find your Pi1541 Zero immediately, please try again, it will take some time to start up.
Some disk (images) have a confusing directory structure for the file browser, these are often deliberately made in such a way that directory listing is not possible.
These types of disks are normally loaded by simply loading the first file from the disk using LOAD "*", 8,1.
If you encounter something like this, it is best to exit the file browser by pressing Q and then starting the disk via LOAD "*", 8.1.

Wat heb je nodig buiten deze Pi1541 Zero hat :
Raspberry Pi Zero             (Here)
Adapter voor de Pi Zero (Here) (Almost every 2-3A / 5 V Micro USB Phone charger Micro USB will do)
SD card                                    (for firmware, settings and the images)
price : The Pi1541 hat costs 25 euro (Without the Pi Zero)

Optional :
A Micro-SD card with OS / Pi1541 files configured, and lots of software 10 Euro

3d files voor de behuizing van deze cartridge kun onder andere hier vinden.

De plexi case die ik gebruikt heb vind je bij aliexpres

De project pagina van de bedenker van dit moois.


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