C64: Commodore 64 ObesiCart (4 MB)

Price :

25.00 euros

35.00 Euros

Description :

ObesiCart with 2 x 1 MB ROM (Create your own or use existing compilations)

ObesiCart with 4 x 1 MB ROM (Create your own or use existing compilations)

Obesicart voor de C64 PCB in blauwe kleur (V1.01)

Close-Up van de schakelaars op een Obesicart voor de C64
C64 ObesiCart V1.01

Since I urgently needed a cartridge with format storage for the C64, I decided to develop my own cartridge based on existing designs, the ObesiCart in the most recent version v1.01.

It concerns a cartridge that activates 1 of the 4 ROMs with the help of switches.

there are a total of about 16000 blocks free.

The cartridge comes without housing!

Existing Compilations :

With a choice of a number of already compiled compilations for the C64 (check the overview below for an overview of the available compilations).

Or if you prefer to choose your own programs : Compile your own ROMs and let me put them in the Eproms !

More information about compiling ROMs yourself can be found here .

For people who prefer to buy a card without ROMs and want to do it all by yourself, here you can find the files you need to generate your own C64 Magic Desk compatible ROMs.

C64 Obesicart v1,01 lege kaart, zij aanzicht

ROM 01


ROM 02


ROM 03


ROM 04


ROM 05


ROM 06


ROM 07


ROM 08


ROM 09


ROM 10


ROM 11


ROM 12


ROM 13


ROM 14


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