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Price Description
35,00 Euro Commodore 64 ObesiCart including 2 x 1MB Rom With lots of games.
45,00 Euro Commodore 64 ObesiCart including 4 x 1MB Rom With lots of games.

Obesicart is no longer available , a more than great alternative is the Tapecart SD

Commodore 64 ObesiCart top view

Commodore 64 ObesiCart fully loaded with 4 x 1 mb ROM
The next addition to the range of C64/128 cartridges is the Commodore 64 ObesiCart :

This cartridge ensures that you immediately have an enormous amount of programs available when you switch on your Commodore 64/128.
With 4 x 1 MB you have a gross volume of about 16000 blocks free (a 1541 disk side is 664 blocks free)
You don't have to load anything, just turn it on you get a menu in front of you with all programs stored in the selected ROM.
Selecting 1 of the 4 ROMs should be done when the Commodore 64 is turned off.

The Commodore 64 ObesiCart is:

- A 4 x 1 MB size Commodore 64 cartridge. (Can also be used with 1, 2 or 3 roms)

- Is a Magic Desk Compatible Cartridge System

- Designed to turn any *.PRG file into a Commodore 64 cartridge (manual conversion)

- Not suitable to run Multi part programs.

- Supplied without housing (Cartridge case)


Commodore 64 ObesiCart close up of the switches

Click here for an overview of available pre compiled ROMs for the Commodore 64 ObesiCart

Or if you prefer to choose your own programs:
Compile your own ROMs and let me put them in the eproms.

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