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20,00 Euro Magic Desk compatible cartridge for the Commodore 64 (Including a housing)
16,00 Euro As the above , but without a housing

2 ROMs available , look below for the contents of each ROM

Magic Desk Cartridge with colourful casings

Magic Desk Cartridge (PCB)

Magic Desk Cartridge for the Commodore 64 / 128

This cartridge ensures that you immediately have an enormous amount of programs available when you switch on your Commodore 64/128.
You don't have to load anything, just turn it on and you get a menu in front of you with all the programs stored in the cartridge.
This is a proprietary design, designed so that it can be easily inserted and removed from the expansion port of the Commodore 64 / 128, both with and without a housing.
It is a cartridge based on the principle of the Magic desk module from Commodore.

Magic Desk Cartridge - ROM 01

Menu 01 : Starters
01_TapeCart browser.prg

Menu 02 : Disk Copiers
01_15 sec. copy v3.0 - 35 tr.prg
02_17 sec copy v2.37 - 40 tr.prg
03_double hack'em.prg
05_burstnibbler 1.9.prg
06_20-second copy v3.0 cfb.prg

Menu 03 : Disk Tools
01_1541 sectortester.prg
02_disk doctor 64.4.prg
03_ex-dos ii 1541.prg
04_disk qualer.prg
05_bam corrector.prg
07_d64it v1.prg
08_quickformat 2.21.prg

Menu 04 : Tape Tools
01_copy 235.prg
02_sct2d v1.2-triad.prg
03_turbo tape.prg

Menu 05 : Speeders
01_exos v3.prg
03_fast dos.prg
05_qload 1581.prg

Menu 06 : Test Tools
01_c64 test suite .prg
02_c64 diagnostic.prg
03_joystick check.prg
04_mouse test.prg
06_sx64 1541 test.prg

Menu 07 : Diversen
01_80 coloms.prg
02_cruncher v4.0.prg
03_profi ass. v2.0.prg
05_rammon c000-d000.prg
07_tasword 64.prg
08_zterm v1.0f.prg
09_sidplay64 1.21d.prg

Menu 08 : demo makers
01_padua color-editor.prg
02_padua convert-studio.prg
03_padua mister ed..prg
04_padua-writer 2.0.prg
05_t'pau cvt v1.0.prg

Magic Desk Cartridge - ROM 02

Menu 01 : Disk Tools
102_Eksa disk test.prg
103_disk doctor plus.prg
105_kwik copy.prg
106_Disk Retter.prg
107_Disk Tester.prg
108_1581 Doctor.prg

Menu 02 : Disk Copiers
201_turbonibbler 4.0.prg
202_fast hackem 4.4.prg
203_15 sec. copy 256k ram version.prg
204_17 sec. 35-40 track backup prof..prg

Menu 03 : Speeders en Menu
301_Exos 14x turbo.prg
302_mach 5.prg
304_menu creator1.prg
306_seabr 1.3c.prg
307_turbo menu maker.prg
308_Autostart gen. 3.prg

Menu 04 : Tape Tools
401_216 Disc Save.prg
402_copy 190 v2.prg

Menu 05 : sound / music
502_sidplay64 1.21d.prg

Menu 06 : Test Tools
601_CBMMARK C64.prg
602_1541 1571 Alignment.prg
603_Stepper test 1541.prg
604_joystick-tester for 4 joysticks.prg

Menu 07 : Diversen
701_Dissassmblr 64 v1.1.prg
702_isepic cracker.prg
703_Isepic linker.prg
704_petscii-ed. 4.61.prg
705_Proterm 64.prg

Menu 08 :
801_4 sprite editor.prg
802_Tera Note.prg
803_Char ripper.prg
804_Sprite Grabber.prg
805_Colorizer 1.0.prg

A few more comments: if you don't have a disk drive on your Commodore 64, then a number of programs will not start, crash or at least not work, that's a given, I can't change that much.

I have tested everything on my machine and everything seems to work there, of course it is always possible that in combination with another Kernal, Sid, modulator or peripherals that does not work for you.

Feel free to let me know if something doesn't work for you, I will at least take it into account should there ever be a revision of the already compiled Magic Desk Cartridge ROMs

Do you now have programs that you would like to see included in a next edition of the Magic Desk Cartridge ROM , feel free to pass them on, if possible I will include them in a next compilation.

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Commodore 64 Magic Desk Cartridge
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 1 reviews
 by Ioannis K.
Great tool!

What a great little gizmo for the c64! A huge assortment of tools guaranteed to save you in a time of need.
I loved it so much that I'm going to order a second one with the other ROM set.
Also, the built quality is very good and the price is very decent. A great seller overall.

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