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30,00 Euro IRQHack64 Cartridge for the Commodore 64 (Micro SD based cartridge) without housing.
10,00 Euro Micro SD card for the IRQHack64 Cartridge with over 25,000 PRG files

This cart has been replaced by the IRQHack II that comes with a housing and a standard SD Card slot for the same price.

IRQHack64 Cartridge

IRQHack64 in Red en Blue

The C64 IRQHACK64 Cartridge :

The heart of the IRQHACK64 cartridge is an Arduino (pro mini), a real computer in its own right with more computing power and memory than the Commodore 64 itself. 🙂
The Arduino is supplemented with a Micro SD card slot and an Eprom with the boot code to use the Arduino. to approach.
The IRQcart can handle *.PRG files and to a very limited extent *.crt files, max 8 KB and most of them didn't even work, so the Micro SD I provide with the IRQcart doesn't contain *.crt files.



Functionality of the IRQHACK64 Cartridge :

A short summary of the functionality:

The reset button on the Cart is multifunctional:

short press :  the menu with the graphical boot shell with gameload menu is loaded (Supports long filenames) a
little longer :  reset the Commodore 64, the cart is inactive
Long (5 sec) :  (during loaded program, the currently active program becomes autostarting saved, when the C64 is turned on again, that program will be started automatically.

The functionality of the IRQHack64 Cartridge exceeds that of the TapeCart_SD , but the latter has the advantage that the cartridge slot remains free for a monitor, freezer, fastloader or any other cartridge.
The makers of this cartridge have the support for, and their files are no longer actively online, I personally think it's a shame if this great project dies a quiet death.

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C64 IRQHack64 Cartridge
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