Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II

Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II (Inside)

Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II, a new design!

Since the development of the IRQHack (as I mentioned before in another article) has completely died , and I would have loved to see some changes to the original, I started redesigning the interface myself.
What I disliked the most about the version developed by N. Dilek and O. Turay was the use of a microSD card module, which is only held in place with a single row of pins and pushing the microSD at an angle means that you bends the MicroSD card holder, which is almost impossible to bend back in place.
The size of the cartridge and the design makes it almost impossible to make a decent housing, all kinds of protrusions and holes in a housing are not practical in my opinion, and certainly not beautiful.


Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II , private house 🙂

After I completely customized the design, whereby the MicroSD slot was replaced by a standard more solid SD card slot, I could start designing a housing for the new IRQHack cartridge.
Using an Arduino module makes it better if it is properly protected and so I started with that goal in mind.
After 5 revisions I now have a perfectly fitting housing for the Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II

Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II (Top view)

Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II (Close up SD Card Slot)

Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II , Details :

The functionality has not changed, it is still exactly like the previous version, the description can be found here .

the layout of the cartridge has been changed, the microSD card holder that protruded from the back of the Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II has now become an SD card holder that is recessed into the housing on the right side of the cartridge.

I have chosen NOT to let the SD card stick out as this can cause problems again.

The SD card is easy to insert / remove even if it is recessed by 1-2 mm.
I use a small flat object (voltage tester, fingernail, paper clip) to push the SD card into place, and for removal, a light push on the SD card is enough to unlock it so that it pops out a few mm and can be pulled out easily.

price        :   The Commodore 64 IRQHack cartridge II temporarily costs 30.00 euros (including housing)
Optional :   SD card with software (26,000 files) 10.00 euros

The project page of the original creators of the original IRQHack64 cartridge can be found here .

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