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17,50 euro
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Description :

Final Cartridge III+ (Replica) standard version ( 64KB) for the C64
Final Cartridge III+ (Replica) Extended version (256KB) for the C64

Final Cartridge III+ (Replica)

Final Cartridge III+ menu

Final Cartridge III+ for the Commodore 64 in 2 flavours:

After having tested a first prototype, I am extremely satisfied with the functionality, and have therefore built a number of these Final Cartridge III Replicas, and added them to the collection.

The cartridges are known as The FCIII+, and are available in two PCB colors (Red and Blue)
and in two versions (with a 64 KB or 512KB ROM).

The V2.0 menus of the FCIII+ replicas are more extensive than the original FCIII menu.

Activating the Final cartridge III:
    • Give the Command  Desktop  from the Prompt
    • Turn on the C64 and press  RUN/STOP
    • Reset the C64 and press  RUN/STOP 

Deactivating the Final Cartridge III:
      • Give the command  Kill  at the prompt
      • Issue the command  SYS64738  at the prompt
      • From the Freezer Menu, select  Final Kill
Overview of the function keys in BASIC :


  • F1  Execute of the BASIC-command LIST
  • F2  Calls the built in Assembler Monitor (MONITOR)
  • F3  Execute the BASIC command RUN
  • F4  Restore a BASIC program after a NEW or software reset (OLD)
  • F5  Load program from disc (DLOAD)
  • F6  Save program to disc (DSAVE)
  • F7  Show disc directory without loss of the program (DOS"$)
  • F8  Send Disc command (DOS)

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