C64 : test-harness for the Diagnostic cartridge in the making

Commodore 64 diagnostic Test-harness
Diagnostic Test-Harness for the C64 in the making.

In the meantime I have been asked a number of times whether I could not supply a test harness with the C64 / C128 Diagnost cartridge that I supply.

Now I have regularly seen cable bundles with tie wraps and the like, but that is not a solution that I would use myself, let alone advise such a thing to others.
Fortunately, after some research I found a nice solution, extensive, modular and technically developed.

The test-harness I finally chose is one that was designed by Sven Petersen.
It is a test-harness that has undergone a lot of development and I chose the latest version to build it as a prototype.
Unfortunately, it turned out that a number of parts were required that I did not have in stock, in fact 1 of which is already very poorly available.
I expect to be able to finish my prototype in a week or two, in order to be able to do a first test.

Commodore C64 Test-Harnas : Cassettepoort adapter met doorlus
Commodore C64 Test-Harnas : Userpoort (centrale) adapter
Connections :

The various modules may or may not be connected with ribbon cables:
The user port as the heart of the Test-Harness has a:

6 pin connection to the Cassette Port module.
10 pin connection to joystick port #1 module.
10 pin connection to joystick port #2 module.
10 pin connection for Keyboard Connector module*
* (for backwards compatibility with previous revisions of the Keyboard module only)

The keyboard Connector module Rev. 2 requires a 1-pin connection to the Cassette Port module.

Commodore C64 Test Harness :
Userpoort adapter met headers voor de Tape
en Joystick poort adapters aan te sluiten.

Commodore C64 Test Harness :
Cassettepoort adapter met doorlus mogelijkheid.

Commodore C64 Test Harness :
Keyboard adapter.

Commodore C64 Test Harness :
Diskdrive (seriële) poort adapter.

Commodore C64 Diagnostic test harnas

Commodore C64 Test Harness :
Joystick poort adapters (Foto komt nog)

Commodore C64 Test Harness :
En uiteraard de benodigde Diagnost Cartridge.
Zonder testcartridge heeft het harnas weinig zin.

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