C64 : Diagnost, the Multi Diagnostic Cartridges

Commodore C64 Diagnostic Cartridge Diagnost6
Now available! Diagnostic Cartridges for the Commodore 64

I already had a cartridge in the assortment that contained a number of Diagnostic programs for the C64.
This Cupcake cartridge only had a major drawback, it turned out afterwards, if you really only do very little Commodore 64, then there is a reasonable chance that the Cupcake menu will no longer work.
If that menu no longer wants to run, you cannot select Diagnostic programs.
So I myself had a C64 that did so little anymore that that problem also occurred with me.

So what I needed was a cartridge that does its job right after plugging in.
And no matter how cool selection menus and boot screens are, for a Diagnostic cartridge it is just important that the test cycle of your Commodore 64 is started immediately.

So I made a design for a cartridge that can switch a maximum of 8 banks by means of 3 jumpers.
you can purchase this cartridge with 2, 4 or 6* different diagnostic ROMs.

Commodore 64 Diagnostic test (Screenshot)
Commodore C64 Diagnostic Cartridge Diagnost4

Most Diagnostic Cartridges for the Commodore 64 require a set of loopback adapters , so that you also have the ability to test the external interfaces such as user, joystick and keyboard port(s) for correct operation.
The Diagnostic Cartridges supplied by me is no exception, this also only contains the Cartridge part, the loopback adapters are not available at the moment, but I will see if this is something I will also include in the range in the future .
What is tested with the Diagnost 2,4 and 6 Cartridges is the internal functionality, SID, Memory, CPU, zeropage and all kinds of other logic, this at least gives a good idea whether the heart of your C64 is beating in the right rhythm .

2 bank Diagnostic Cartridge
  • C64 Diagnostic 324528-02
  • C64 Burnin Test 7.2

Selected by Jumper A13

4 bank Diagnostic Cartridge
  • C64_Diagnostic_324528-02
  • C64 Burnin Test 7.2
  • Doctor 64 - Rossmoller
  • 1541 DiagCart

Selected by Jumper A13 - A14

6 bank Diagnostic Cartridge *
  • C64 Diagnostic 324528-02
  • C64 Burnin Test 7.2
  • Doctor 64 - Rossmoller
  • 1541 DiagCart
  • 586220PLUS_27C64
  • C64 Import Test Diag Rom

Selected by means of Jumper A13 - A14 - A15

* Aanvullend vind je ook de volgende software  nog in de 6 bank Diagnostic Cartridge :

  • Copy-H         (tape Utilies)
  • Head Tester (Tape koppen afstel hulp)


C64 Diagnostic Cart 324528-02

C64 Diagnostic Cart Burnin Test 7.2

C64 Diagnostic Cart Doktor 64

C1541 Diagnostic Cart

C64 Diagnostic Cart (586220+)

C64 Diagnostic Cart Import Test

C64 Tape Diagnostic program

C64 Tape Head Alignment Tool

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