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40,00 Euro C64 Test Harness without the Diagnost6 Diagnostic Cartridge.
55,00 Euro C64 Test harness Including the Diagnost6 Diagnostic Cartridge + Cartridge housing.

Commodore 64 Diagnost6 Test Harness

Commodore C64 Diagnostic testharness

Diagnost6 test harness for the Commodore 64:

The test harness I finally chose is one designed by  Sven Petersen.
It's a harness that has undergone a lot of development and I chose the latest version to build it.
The test harnesses consist of 5 modules that are connected via ribbon cables (Flatcables).
Software to be used is the Commodore 586220PLUS_27C64 module of the Diagnost6 cartridge.

Diagnost6 Test Harness Connections :

The various modules may or may not be connected with ribbon cables:
The userport module, as the heart of the Test-Harness, has a:

6 pin connection to the Cassette Port module.
10 pin connection to joystick port #1 module.
10 pin connection to joystick port #2 module.
10 pin connection for Keyboard Connector module

Diagnost2 Cartridge
  • C64 Diagnostic 324528-02
  • C64 Burnin Test 7.2
Diagnost4 Cartridge
  • Diagnost2 +
  • Doctor 64 - Rossmoller
  • 1541 DiagCart
6 bank Diagnostic Cartridge
  • Diagnose4 +
  • 586220PLUS_27C64
  • C64 Import Test Diag Rom
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C64 Diagnostic Test Harness
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 by John Karatsis
Great quality!

This and diag cart should be on every c64 owner's possession.
Total lifesaver! And the quality is excellent, very robust. 100%

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