Shop : C64 Composite Cable (DIN5 – Cinch)

Price :

7,00 euro

Description :

Composite cable with a 5-pin DIN plug on one side and 3 Cinch plugs on the other side, for the Commodore 64 / Atari 8bit family.

Composite Cable (Din - Cinch)

Composite Cable (Din - Cinch)

Composite cable (Din5 - Tulip) for the Commodore 64 / Atari 8bit Family.

I opted for a 5-pin DIN Plug since the first models Commodore 64 had a 5-pin plug, on the later models this has become an 8-pin plug of which the 5 pins of the first model are placed identically. So the 5-pin plug fits in both models, the pinout of the 2 different video plugs can be found here.

The other side has a Yellow plug for the Composite Video output and a Red and White plug for the 2 channel Mono audio output.

This Composite cable has the following properties:

  • length of +/- 1.00 meters.
  • 3 x Tulip (Cinch) plug.
  • 5 pin DIN plug.


  • Mono audio divided over 2 channels.
  • flexible cable.

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