Shop : C64 Character ROM 2364 Adapter

Price Description
9,00 Euro Character ROM 2364 Adapter replacement ROM for the Commodore 64 (Single ROM)
15,00 Euro Character ROM 2364 Adapter with 4 different ROMs for the Commodore 64 (4 way selected by jumpers)

2364 Eprom Adapter for the C64

2364 Adapter for Karakter, Kernal or Basic ROM

What exactly is the 2364 Adapter for the Commodore 64

Some of the Commodore 64 custom (2364) chips have a different pinout than the regular (27cxxx) Eprom.
This adapter makes the 28 pin 27Cxxx Eprom suitable for a 24 pin 2364 Socket, a nice
extra : An eprom from the 27Cxxx series can accommodate 1,2,4 or 8 roms in a single chip.
This won't be interesting for every type of rom, but for example the Kernal ROM could this be very practical

Different eprom versions that can be used for the 2364 Eprom Adapter :

27C128 (16 KB) : This holds 2 8 KB Kernals and is switched with 1 switch / jumper.
27C256 (32 KB): This holds 4 8 KB Kernals and is switched with 2 switches/jumpers.
27C512 (64 KB): This holds 8 8 KB Kernals and is switched with 3 switches/jumpers.

For those who want a single ROM, simply to replace a current (defective or not) ROM.
The 2364 Eprom adapters are also available as Single ROM version, including (kernal, basic or character) ROM.
(These PCBs are not provided with Jumpers / Switches and only facilitate use of a single ROM in the Eprom)

Furthermore, I have ensured that even if necessary, 3 adapters can be placed next to each other in the sockets.

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