C64 : 2364 Eprom adapter (Basic, Kernal and Character ROM)

2364 Eprom adapter for the Commodore 64
The C64 2364 Eprom Adapter:

What exactly is that 2364 Eprom adapter for the Commodore 64?
Some of the Commodore 64 custom (2364) chips have a different pinout than the regular (27cxxx) Eprom.
This adapter makes that 28 pin 27Cxxx Eprom suitable for a 24 pin 2364 Socket, a nice
extra : An eprom from the 27Cxxx series can accommodate 1,2,4 or 8 roms in a single chip.
Now that will not be interesting for every rom, but for the Kernal, for example, this can be very practical.

For example, this 2364 Eprom adapter can accommodate up to 8 Kernals of 8KB (based on a 27C512 eprom) for the commodore 64.

You can think of various Kernals with integrated disk or tape speeders, but also Kernals with added / changed functionality or with a different color scheme.

The selection between the different kernals is done using a maximum of 3 jumpers / switches depending on which version you have.

Different eprom versions that can be used for the 2364 Eprom Adapter:

27C128 (16 KB): This can accommodate 2 Kernals of 8 KB and are switched with 1 switch / jumper.
27C256 (32 KB): This can hold 4 Kernals of 8 KB and are connected with 2 switches / jumpers.
27C512 (64 KB): This can hold 8 Kernals of 8 KB and are connected with 3 switches / jumpers.

For average use, 4 kernals will be more than sufficient, for the price on the other hand, it does not really matter whether you take a 4 or 8 kernal version.
(Where it says Kernal , this also applies to the Basic ROM and the Character ROM)

Close up of three 2364 Eprom adapters aligned

front view of three 2364 Eprom adapters besides

For those who want a single ROM, simply to replace a current ROM (defective or not).
The 2364 Eprom adapters are also available as a Single ROM version, including (kernal, basic or character) ROM.
(These PCB's are not provided with Jumpers / switches and only facilitate use of a single ROM in the Eprom)

Furthermore, I made sure that even if necessary, 3 adapters can be placed next to each other in the sockets.

The 2364 Eprom adapter as shown in the photos was a proof of concept (and was used for testing in my own Commodore 64).
I need 2 adapters from my proof of concept batch, should someone need an adapter quickly.
I made a number of changes for the release of the 2364 Eprom Adapter with version number 1.02. Among other things, the footprint has been slightly changed and I have added an option to easily use the print as a single rom version.

The expected prices for the adapter are as follows:

PCB Only                      3.00
Single ROM version   9.00
multi rom version     15.00 (2 switches and 1 jumper)

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