C128 : Resurrection128 Diagnostic Cartridge

Resurrection128 Diagnostic Cartridge voor de Commodore 128
Resurrection128, Diagnostic Cartridge for the Commodore 128

There appeared to be more demand than I expected for a dedicated diagnostic cartridge for the Commodore C128.
The C128 can of course also handle the C64 deadtest cartridges, but then by far not everything is tested on the machine.
It turned out that the Diagnost series for the C64 could not just be used for the Commodore 128, so I decided to make a dedicated C128 cart. The disadvantage of this is that it does not work on the Commodore 64 🙂

What works best for diagnostic cartridges is a cartridge that does its job immediately after plugging it in.
And no matter how cool selection menus and boot screens are, for a Diagnostic cartridge it is just important that you start immediately with the test cycle of your Commodore 128

So I made a design for a cartridge that can switch a maximum of 8 banks using a maximum of 3 switches.
The resurrection128 contains 4 different diagnostic ROM versions, and is therefore switched with 2 switches.

0-0-0  :  C128 test (588121)

1-0-0  :  C128 test (785260)

0-1-0  :  C128 test (789010)

1-1-0  :  Diag C128 v. 1.1

C128 Resurrection128 Diagnostische cartridge voor de Commodore 128

Most Diagnostic Cartridges for the Commodore 128 require a set of loopback adapters , so that you also have the possibility to test the external interfaces such as user, joystick and keyboard port (s) for correct operation.
The Diagnostic Cartridges supplied by me are no exception, this also only contains the Cartridge part, the loopback adapters are not available at the moment, but I will see if this is something I will also include in the range in the future. .
What is tested with the Diagnost128 Cartridge is the internal functionality, SID, Memory, CPU, zero page and all kinds of other logic, this at least gives a good picture of whether the heart of your C128 is beating in the right rhythm.

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