Shop : Amiga Bootselector DF0: – DF1: (By Jussi)

Price :

15.00 euros

Description :

Buffered Amiga BootSelector for the A500 / 2000  (Boot Device choice by means of Jumper or Switch with +/- 20 cm connection cable.

Amiga Buffered DF0: - Df1: Boot Selector
Buffered Amiga Boot Selector for the A500 / 2000.

The buffer ensures that the switching from DF0: to DF1: (And vice versa) is not done mechanically, but electronically.
That in turn minimizes the chance that your CIA (8520) will malfunction due to the switch.
A mechanical switch is still used for this, but only to trigger the electronic switch.
This boot selector is not suitable for an Amiga 2000 because for the Amiga 2000 the external drive is mounted as drive DF2:. For booting an external (DF2:) another boot selector is available.

PCB Design : Jussi Kilpelainen

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