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Atari Diagnostic Cartridge 'Bombs away' standard Edition for (Amongst Others) the Atari ST / TT / STE / Mega

Atari Diagnostic Cartridge 'Bombs away'  Plus Edition for all of the Above and the Atari Falcon

Atari Diagnostic Cartridge 'Bombs away' Cartridge housing in Single or Duo Tone color

Atari Bombs Away Diagnostic Cartridge

'Bombs Away' Diagnostic cartridge for the Atari ST (And family)

Atari Diagnostic cartridge 'Bombs Away' :

|The Diagnostic cartridge is a piece of hardware that originates from the manufacturer itself.
The version I built is a variation on the work done by NPlanel.
Which in turn got the idea through a design by Black Cat Hardware.

With the help of 4 dipswitches you can choose from 4 TestROMs for various types of systems from the ST/TT Family, and 2 additional utilities.

For the following systems you will find a TestROM in the 'Bombs Away' Cartridge :

  • V1.9 for the 520 / 1040 STE
  • V4.4 for the Mega ST / STfm / Stacy
  • V1.5 for the Mega STE
  • V1.5 for the TT
  • V1.27b for the Falcon 030 (*)

In addition, you will also find the following software in the 'Bombs Away' Cartridge:

  • V1.2 URC (Ultimate Ripper Cartridge)
  • V1.b3 SuperMon

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