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15,00 Euro Set of 2 Atari Mega Maskrom Adapters, for upgrading your TOS to EmuTOS 121 or Rainbow TOS (1.4) by using standard EPROMS
25,00 Euro Set of 2 Atari Mega Maskrom Adapters, including EmuTOS 121 or Rainbow TOS (1.4) on 2 ROMs

Set of Atari Mega Maskrom Adapters

Atari Mega Maskrom Adapter

Atari Mega Maskrom Adapters :

With this adapter you can easily replace an older TOS version in your Atari Mega machine.
The most recent version of Atari's TOS for the older ST's is version 1.4 aka Rainbow TOS.
There's also a newer development in that area EmuTOS , which is a third party TOS replacement project.
Since there are no TOS ROM's available anymore the easiest way to upgrade your machine is by the use of
a set of 2 Atari Mega Maskrom Adapters.

This Adapter does not fit in an Atari ST, because of it's height, a special low profile MASKROM adapter for the Atari ST is currently in development.

This Maskrom adapter is meant for machines which have 6 sockets of wich 2 sockets are filled with roms.
( if all 6 sockets are filled with roms this adapter is still usable with some minor modifications to the mainboard.)

You can also order Maskrom adapters with the latest version of EmuTOS, just send me an email.

Atari Mega Maskrom Adapter

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