Shop : Atari Jaguar Composite Cable (Cinch)

Price :

12.50 euros

Description :

Atari Jaguar Composite cable with 3 Tulip plugs (Cinch) on one side, and the specific Video Connector on the other side.

Atari Jaguar Composite Videocable

Atari Jaguar Composite Videocable Close-up

Atari Jaguar Composite Cable (Cinch)

I once bought an Atari Jaguar that did not contain a video cable in the lot.
It turned out not to be easy to find a composite video cable for the Atari Jaguar, let alone an S-video cable.
I then ordered 5 connectors and made a number of cables from them.
Composite Video and stereo output via the famous red, white and yellow RCA plug.

This Composite cable has the following properties:

  • length of +/- 1.00 meters.
  • 3 x Tulip (Cinch) plug.
  • Atari Jaguar Video Plug

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