Atari : Testbuilding an External Gotek Floppy adapter for Atari ST

I have been asked a number of times if I also sell external Gotek floppy drive emulators for the Atari ST.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be even more difficult for the Atari ST in terms of connections than it was for the Commodore Amiga.
A search on Ebay yields me 1 person who can supply cables, for a price of 50 dollars ... OMG

Just a bit of history:
Somewhere in a very distant past someone at Atari thought that it could be interesting for the ST line to use its own exotic model connector instead of the already quite standardized D-sub plugs.
So that became a 14-pin DIN plug for the external floppy drive (a plug that I have never encountered anywhere else in my life), the video plug (13-pin DIN) is fortunately a little bit easier to obtain, because it  was also used by some other manufacturers, although it is not really easy to get hold of that plug either.
That means a beautiful and unique piece of connection, but with the extinction of the Atari ST production lines, the demand for such plugs also dies and with it the manufacture of that plug, what remains is a bit of stock and once it is gone, it is done.

Gotek Extern interface voor Atari ST (PCB)

As a result, today if you want to connect your Gotek Floppydrive Emulator externally to your Atari ST
you have to do a quest for that holy grail, and then pay more for the cable than for the entire Gotek drive.

There were no specifications for the plug online, and what I could find was wrong.
So by reverse engineering, measuring, making tests and further testing and measuring I was able to make a PCB that has the right dimensions.
Based on this print I can make a connection with the Floppy port of the Atari ST and the first step has been overcome.

Since the 'DIY plug' is not as fixed in the Atari ST as the original, it was important to look for a stable solution for connecting the Gotek drive.
A 34-pole flat cable is stiff, and with the movement of the cable or drive there is a chance that the connection will come out of the ST.
Since the 14-pin connector of the Atari ST contains all the necessary floppy signals (except for the power supply), I was able to come up with a 16-wire flat cable, which makes the connection a lot smoother and more stable.
Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the Atari ST does not provide a power supply to the Floppy port, so that means that the power supply for the Gotek drive has to be supplied from an external source.
I have taken this into account in my design and on the interface on the Gotek side is a connection where you can connect a 5volt 1A adapter.

The test was very successful, the connection is amazingly solid, the 2 interfaces both work as designed .
The Atari sees the drive, can load from it and the connection between the Atari ST and the Gotek drive is stable.

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