Shop : Gotek External Interface for the Atari ST (Basic)

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15 euros

Description :

Gotek external Interface for the Atari ST (and the rest of the Family)
Basic model, no configuration, no power supply)

Basic External Gotek interface for thee Atari ST (Family)

External Gotek Floppy Interface connected to the Atari ST
The Gotek External Interface for the Atari ST allows you to easily connect a Gotek Floppydrive to the external floppy port of your Atari STe / STf / STfm *1.
So that you can easily download your software from a USB stick without opening your Atari ST.

(*1) ( For other models, the operation  is not yet  confirmed, but it can be assumed that they also work)

ATTENTION:  This interface does not have the power supply required for the Gotek! unfortunately Atari does not provide power on the external Floppy interface.
There is also a Deluxe version  of the ST Floppy Interface available with an easier way to provide power to the Gotek FloppyDrive Emulator

If you order this together with my Atari PS/2 mouse adapter , I will adapt the adapter so that it provides the power supply for the Gotek Drive (see photo ).

The PCB is a corrected design based on an existing schematic (author unknown) and assembled and tested by myself (

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