Atari : ST External Gotek Floppy adapter v1.1 for sale

Atari ST External Gotek Floppydrive Emulator Adapter.

In the preparatory phase I have built and tested a total of 5 External Gotek adapters for the Atari ST.
Based on the experiences I have gained with it, the design has been refined several times,
but it now seems that the current version of the design is now actually ready to have a new batch of adapters made.

Atari Externe Gotek Adapter Compleet

Now to give people the opportunity to buy an adapter and test it on their systems, I'm going to sell my samples for a small price.
This line of adapters involves a disproportionate amount of work and what later turned out to be a significant design flaw (Designer unknown, this is a design that was floating around on the Internet).
The design flaw causes the adapter to work only with a specially prepared floppy cable.
This cable is included if you purchase an interface.

People who purchase this adapter and submit their report will soon be able to receive their purchase amount (15 euros) as a discount when purchasing the luxury version when it goes into production and they want to order it.

I have extensively tested this Interface with the Atari STe that I have available !

Besides the internal Drive A, the External Gotek is recognized as Drive B, I can copy from physical disk to an image on the gotek and vice versa.

The adapter works on the STe without any problems, in the meantime I have also received confirmation that the Adapter works on an STfm, so I make a provisional assumption that the interface will work on all lots from the ST family.
The connector is now designed in such a way that it fits securely and cannot be accidentally disconnected.
For the design I have kept the pin thickness as it has become known to me through my preliminary research.

Atari ST achterkant met Gotek externe adapter ingeplugd
Close up van Gotek Extern aangesloten op Atari ST

I would appreciate it if people who want to purchase an External Gotek Floppy Adapter for the Atari ST would take the trouble to share their experiences with me so that I know if the design actually works on all systems.

  • The adapter goes directly into the back of the floppy port.
  • A prepared Flat cable 10-15 cm is included (Gotek is on top of the Atari)
  • There is no power supply on the Floppy connector, so you have to regulate the power supply for the gotek yourself. (I do supply a 2-pin cable that fits on the power connector)
  • The adapters have been tested on my STe and work fine, I would like to hear from you on all other models.

If you are interested in purchasing such an adapter for a small price (under a number of conditions), please let us know by email or via Facebook.
If you know people with an ST, point them to this article, the sooner I can get feedback, the faster I can continue.

As you can see this is a different design than what I posted a few weeks ago, that's right.
I started by designing an adapter from scratch for this purpose, then I came across this (Low budget version) on the internet.
I ordered 10 PCBs to test with different pin thicknesses and to find the right stability in the connection to the Atari.

With that experience I have adapted my own design and it will later be available as a more luxurious model.
Having PCB's made every time costs money and I wait with the final design until I hear something back about this batch, I am curious whether STf , Mega ST, TT, and perhaps the Falcon also work with this version of the adapter.

Close-up atari ST externe Gotek Adapter

Floppy Connector Pinout Atari ST

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