Atari : Internal Gotek Floppy Swap adapter for Atari ST

Internal Gotek FDD Swap adapter for the Atari ST

The 'men of Atari' have cut back on internal connectors on the motherboard of the Atari ST line, both for the Floppy data cable and the Floppy power cable.
These are soldered directly to the motherboard and in many cases are barely long enough to reach the Atari Floppydrive.
Unfortunately this is not a fixed fact, some systems do have a longer cable and most do not.
In the photo on the right you see a twisted cable (spliced ​​so that there is less loss of length during rotation and therefore has just enough length to fit) and a power cable that has already been extended.

Atari ST with internal Gotek without the floppy Swap adapter

Swap Adapter for connecting a Gotek internally in an Atari ST

A very annoying side effect is that the IDC Connector on the Floppy drive is also rotated 180 degrees.
So if you want to build in a Gotek, you will also have to turn your cable half a turn so that the range of this becomes even smaller.

To make it easier for my fellow hobbyists, I have specially designed an adapter for this problem with the Atari ST in combination with an internal Gotek Floppy drive, which tackles this problem.
The cable is twisted on the adapter, so you plug the floppy cable untwisted into the adapter, and both cables are now long enough.

With the Atari ST FDD Swap adapter in between, the cable is spacious enough and twisting and lengthening is no longer necessary.
You can see in the photo on the right that pin 1 (red line) of the Atari Floppy cable is on the right instead of the left.
The Atari ST FDD Swap adapter has been tested in both my STe and my STfm , the Gotek Floppy drive works properly.

With this adapter, connecting a Gotek in your Atari ST has suddenly become a very simple task and a nice side effect for the purists among us: it is easily reversible again without any problems.

The Atari ST FDD Swap adapter is available separately or in combination with a gotek.

Atari ST With Gotek Floppy internal with a Floppy Swap Adapter Board

Adapter for swapping the Atari ST floppy cable  for a Gotek internally

Swap Adapter for connecting a Gotek internally in an Atari ST

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