Atari : ‘Bombs Away’ Multi Diagnostics Cartridge for Atari ST / TT Family

Atari Bombs Away Diagnostic Cartridge topview
Atari 'Bombs Away' Diagnostics Cartridge for Atari ST

The Diagnostics cartridge is a piece of hardware that originates from the manufacturer itself.
A lot of work has been done by someone to make a multi cartridge with ROMs for a number of different models.
The version I built is a variant of the work done by NPlanel.
Which in turn got the idea through a design by Black Cat Hardware.

With the help of 4 dipswitches you can choose from 4 TestROMs for various types of systems from the ST/TT Family, and 2 additional utilities.

Originally, the Diagnostics Cartridge for Atari ST is a test set consisting of a Diagnostic cartridge that can test the internal part of the Atari ST (And the many variants) for their functionality, and expanded with a number of loopback adapters you also have the option of connecting the external interfaces on to test their correct operation.
The Atari Diagnostic Cartridge supplied by me is only the Cartridge part, the loopback adapters are not available.

The manuals required for the ROM files can be found in the download section of the website.

Atari : Multi Diagnostics Cartridge in bedrijf

Atari : Multi Diagnostics Cartridge scherm afdruk

Atari ST Diagnostic Cartridge ST System Test (Screenshot)

You will find a TestROM in the 'Bombs Away' Diagnostics Cartridge for Atari ST for the following systems:

  • V1.9 for the 520 / 1040 STE
  • V4.4 for the Mega ST / STfm / Stacy
  • V1.5 for the Mega STE
  • V1.5 for the TT
  • V1.27b for the Falcon 030 (*)

In addition, you will also find the following software in the 'Bombs Away' Diagnostics Cartridge for Atari ST:

  • VC.2 URC (Ultimate Ripper Cartridge)
  • V1.b3 SuperMon


(*) The test rom for the Atari Falcon cannot be set externally, to avoid problems with accidentally starting the wrong Test ROM. You can contact us for the procedure to Activate the Falcon 030 rom.

Once you activate the TestROM for the Atari Falcon 030, the test program will overwrite the RTC and NVRAM, to reset them you can use BootConf  (written by Uwe Seimet), which can reset the settings to their default values.

Atari : Multi Diagnostics Cartridge gereedmelding na doorlopen van de testcycles

Multi Diagnostics Cartridge for Atari ST after finishing testcycles

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