Atari : SALT Diagnostic Cartridge 400 / 600 / 800 / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / 800XE V1.01

SALT Diagnostic Cartridge Atari 400 / 600 / 800 / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / 800XE
New version of the SALT Diagnostic Cartridge for the Atari 400/600/800 / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / 800XE 

I was not quite happy how the first revision of this cartridge was put together, I have therefore chosen to revise the cartridge at a rapid pace.
Not much has changed optically, other than the color, but a few things have changed.
This cartridge is one with 4 banks of 16 KB in a single Cartridge, where the banks are switched by moving 2 mini switches.

Update : as of 6/2022 there's also a specially designed casing available.

Designing the SALT Diagnostic Cartridge :

When I started with the design of this cartridge I actually had no idea how it was exactly, I just built the cartridge by estimating on what i've seen and read.
To my great surprise, I felt that the cartridge was the wrong way round, components on the bottom / rear.
That is a very strange sensation when all the systems you have and do not know have.
naja from now on my atari 8 bit line no longer has that either, they just have the components on the front as they should: p. The PCB clearly states what should be front / top and back / bottom:

Also for this cartridge applies: a complete test set consists of a harness (cable set) and a test cartridge, I only supply the cartridge.
Without armor you cannot test ports, but you can test the internal health of your Atari.

Front / Top view

Diagnostics Cartridge 400 / 600 / 800 / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / 800XE [Front]

Atari Diagnostics Cartridge SALT V1.01 with housing
SALT Diagnostic Cartridge Switches :

[ L - L ] TEST ATARI 65-130XE R.2 27C128
[ L - R ] Super SALT SE.02
[ R - L ]  SuperSALT
[ R - R ] 400-800 SALT Diagnostic v2.04 (Atari)(1981)

- The PCB must be plugged in with the components facing to the front / top!
- Always plug or unplug the cartridge when the computer is turned off!

Atari Salt 400/800 2.04

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amazing atari 8 bit toolkit

I bought this from Ed (very helpful guy), and it makes testing my purchases so much easier.

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