Amiga 500 Internal 44 pin IDE Interface (new version)

Amiga 500 IDE-Interface met 44 pin IDE-2-CF Adapter
The latest version of the internal IDE interface for the amiga 500 / 500+ is ready.

What is the difference with the other adapters that are already available?

- 44 pin IDE connection
- power supply via IDE connector
- No cables (no power and no IDE) if the correct IDE-2-CF is used.
- Low profile (fits any A500)
- GreenđŸ™‚

In my quest for the simplest possible installation and the highest possible reliability level, I decided to make a 44 pin's IDE version of my IDE-Interface.
The big advantage of a 44 pin IDE Connector is that the 4 extra pins form the power supply, which means that you do not need an external (loose) power cable.
(The power supplied via the CPU adapter is limited, so this option can be disabled via a jumper).
I still had a number of IDE-2-CF adapters with a 44 pin connection, so it was a matter of adapting the IDE-Interface, rerouting print tracks and then sending off the design to have it made into a PCB.
Those PCBs came in a week ago and after I built the first as a Prototype I started working on them.
I have had the IDE-Interface in the test for a week now, it works flawlessly, fits easily under the Amiga 500 Keyboard and so the Interface is approved for delivery.

There is now also an external version of the IDE Interface for the Amiga 500 / 500+, more info can be found here .

Amiga Interne 44 pin IDE-Interface Close-Up

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