Amiga 2000 IDE Plug-in card

Ide insteek kaart Amiga 2000
Amiga 2000 IDE plug-in Card.

The Amiga 2000 IDE plug-in card is specially designed for use with the Amiga 2000, this is the first version of the interface which is no longer placed as an interface between the motherboard and the 68000 processor.
This card comes as a plug-in card for the (Co) processor slot in the Amiga 2000, that slot is an 86 pin connector that makes it possible to install a board with an external (faster) CPU.
But since the slot contains all the signals that the 68000 processor has, converting the 68000 CPU version of the IDE controller was done without too much effort.

For a long time I wanted to have an IDE controller in my Amiga 2000 that was easy to plug in and out.
The disadvantage of the 68000 CPU version of the IDE controller is that most of the CPU disappears under the drive cage.
And so you have to disassemble half the A2000 before you could place / reach the IDE controller.
This has changed with the arrival of the Amiga 2000 IDE plug-in card, this card is accessible without removing anything but the cover, you simply put the card in the (Co) processor Slot and you can start working with it.


Amiga 2000 IDE Insteek kaart bovenaanzicht
Amiga 2000 IDE Plug-in Card details:

The Amiga 2000 IDE plug-in card is low profile, so even with a CF adapter with CF card plugged directly into the IDE card, the cover of the A2000 can simply be closed.
The interface is NOT Autobootend, you boot from a special boot disk, which after loading the IDE driver switches to the hard disk / CF card and continues the boot from there.
The average time between the reset and a loaded Workbench 1.3 takes 20-25 seconds under kickstart 1.3.
Master / Slave combinations of CF / hard disk / CD-ROM *
CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Support from Kickstart 2.0x
400-800 KB Read speed (depending on CPU / Filesystem / IDE Device)

* there seem to be drivers for CD-ROM support under kickstart 1.3, support from kickstart 2.0x

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