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12,50 euro

Description :

The Amiga 'RGB to VGA' adapter makes it possible to connect a VGA (LCD) monitor* to your amiga.

Amiga VGA Sync Adapter

Amiga VGA Sync Adapter (Replica)

This adapter makes it possible to connect a VGA (LCD) monitor to your amiga.
Both the horizontal and vertical Sync signals are buffered.
Before you start cheering, there are quite a few snags to this statement.
The Sync adapter allows you to physically connect a VGA monitor, but whether you actually get an image depends on a number of things.
(If you don't have a 15 kHz supporting monitor, it's cumbersome to say the least to work in VGA mode. Once you're in the Workbench, and your application supports the resolution, there's no problem.)
This Adapter is a replica of the Original Commodore VGA Sync Adapter, but uses a modified DB-25 to DB-23 plug.

Amiga VGA Sync Adapter What is possible : 

- With a 15khz supporting or multisync monitor everything.
- Works with an (S)VGA monitor, workbench (from 2.0) and applications/games that support the VGA compatible resolutions, (no image during boot until the Workbench is loaded in the supported resolution).

Amiga VGA Sync Adapter What can't :

- Workbench 1.3 (doesn't support VGA supported resolutions)
- Few games work in VGA resolutions, so they won't display if you don't have a 15KHZ supporting monitor
- With an (S)VGA monitor, run games or software that have a different resolution then force the workbench resolution that supports VGA, if that happens the image goes black and the monitor may report that the signal is 'out of range'

Amiga VGA Sync Adapter Amiga screen modes (*Depends on Chipset)


PAL 320×256 - 1280×512 50 Hz, 15.60 kHz
NTSC 320×200 - 1280×400 60 Hz, 15.72 kHz
Euro36 320×200 - 1280×400 73 Hz, 15.76 kHz
A2024 1024×1024 15 Hz, 15.72 kHz

Super72 400×300 - 800×600 72 Hz, 24.62 kHz

DblPAL 320×512 - 640×1024 50 Hz, 29.45 kHz
DblNTSC 320×400 - 640×800 59 Hz, 29.20 kHz

Multiscan 640×480 - 640×960 60 Hz, 31.44 kHz
Euro72 640×400 - 640×800 70 Hz, 31.43 kHz

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