Shop : Amiga DB23 – DB-9 Video Cable (genuine Commodore, Used)

Price :

19.95 euros

Description :

Used, but in good condition DB23 - (6 pin) DB9 Genuine Commodore video cable for the Amiga.

Amiga DB-23 naar DB-9 RGB Videokabel (Origineel)

Amiga DB-23 naar DB-9 videokabel Close-up
Amiga DB-23 to DB-9 RGB Video Cable

This is a used, tested and genuine Commodore Amiga RGB Videokabel.
These cables are only suitable for the old RGB monitors from Commodore (1084-S),
Philips (8833-II) and perhaps a number of brands that have this specific DB9 port.
All cables have been tested and cleaned and are of very solid quality.


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