Amiga : connect a PC Keyboard (PS/2 model) to your Amiga 2000

Amiga 2000 PS/2 Keyboard Adapter
PS/2 Keyboard Adapter for the Amiga 2000

The Amiga 2000 is slowly but surely starting to experience problems with keyboards.
Many of the keyboards for the Amiga 2000 are made by Mitsumi and work on the basis of a flexible foil with a matrix of wafer-thin tracks.
Those tracks weather, break, get dirty and you can name 1000 reasons why the keyboard does not function properly or even no longer functions at all.

Fortunately I myself have 1 Amiga 2000 keyboard of the first batch that was still made by Cherry, these are very rare and very popular by retro collectors.

But for the people who are less fortunate and have a keyboard that no longer functions, or who have purchased an Amiga 2000 without a keyboard, there is now a very nice solution.
With the help of this PS/2 adapter you can connect any PS/2 keyboard to your amiga 2000.
Even keyboards with multimedia keys (The extra multimedia keys can be made to work on your amiga by means of an extra piece of software). (MMKeyboard in the download section).

PS/2 keyboard adapter Close-up
PS/2 adapter aangesloten aan Amiga 2000

Note: this is not just an adapter plug or cable, there is more to it than just that.

The heart of this interface is a PIC microcontroller, this PIC takes care of the protocol conversion.
it receives the data packets from the PS/2 keyboard, interprets the data, then converts it to a scan code recognizable to the Amiga, and then forwards it to the Amiga.
Because you can program the PIC, you can also capture the extra keys (Multimedia, F11, F12, Ins, Del, etc.) from your PS/2 keyboard.
(For that you have to run a piece of software on the Amiga side ( MMKEYBOARD ), because the amiga itself does not know these extra keys.)


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