Shop : Amiga Kickstart Switch (With Rev. 3/5 support) (Also available as a kit with ROM)

Price :

15.00 euro

25.00 euro

Description :

Amiga Kickstart Switch for the A500 / 500+ / 600 / 2000 with small footprint
Includes switch with +/- 20 cm connection cable.

As above, with a ROM with 1 x kickstart and DiagROM 1.21

Amiga Kickstart Switch Boven aanzicht

Amiga Kickstart Switch Side View
Amiga Kickstart switch

This interface was designed by me and is intended for the Amiga's of type 500 / 500+ / 600 / 2000.
I have tried to make the footprint as small as possible so that eventually the newer versions of the internal IDE interface fit next to the Kickswitch and the Amiga 500 / 500+ simply with metal housing and can already be closed.
The kick switch enables you to use, for example , a kickstart 2.05 or 3.1 in addition to your Kickstart 1.3 .

The Amiga Kickstart Switch replaces your current ROM and is controlled by an Eprom that can contain at least 2 different versions. The Eprom with 1 or more versions is not included as standard with this package.
Unlike most low budget kickswitches that are offered through various channels, this model also offers full support for the Amiga 500 Revision 3/5 which have a different pinout on the ROM socket. This is solved by moving a single jumper.

You can also use this interface to combine your own KickROM with the Amiga diagnostic Rom

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