Shop : Amiga External Gotek Interface (Type 1)

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14.00 Euros

17.00 Euros

Description :

Amiga External Gotek Interface only

Interface Complete, with Floppy cable +/- 15 CM (Other lengths possible)

Amiga External Gotek Interface

Gotek connected external by using an Amiga External Gotek Interface
Amiga External Gotek Interface to connect a Gotek drive external to your Amiga .

The drive is available as DF1: on your amiga 500 and Amiga 500+ when connected to the external floppy port.
For the A2000, the Gotek drive automatically becomes available as DF2:
This external interface can only be connected externally to the Amiga for a Gotek drive, and has no loop-through capabilities.
This interface is directly connected to the External Floppydisk port (Read this article about the DB23 plug used)

Note that this interface alone is not enough to make the Gotek Floppydrive Emulator boot as an external drive.
As of Kickstart 2.0, you can boot from your external disk via the boot menu, but this doesn't work for all software by far.

To boot with Kickstart 1.3 or all games from your external drive, you also need a Boot Selector.
All external Gotek interfaces supplied by me have undergone an extensive Burn-in test.

The PCB is my own design, Assembly and burn-in tests are also done by myself.

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