Amiga : new batch Amiga bootselectors

Amiga Bootselector
New batch of bootselectors for the Amiga 500 / 500+ / 2000

Do you know that if you feel like a biscuit and you are sure that there are still a few in the cookie jar, unfortunately when you open the cookie jar it appears that you have already finished them last time.
That is also the case with my stock, the articles that are regularly sold I have a good view, but those articles sold occasionally, you could be surprised by the stock when you suddenly need to grab one.

Also today, an order including a bootselector, unfortunately the stock was plundered, so I had to get started.
I have a batch of new boot selectors ready so we can move forward again.
Unless suddenly 5 more are ordered next week, then it is already gone.

New Batch Amiga Bootselectors

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