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30,00 Euro Amiga 500 external 2MB Fast RAM expansion (Expansion port)
38,00 Euro As above, including patched Kickstart 1.3 or 3.1 on adapter board(+4 euro for Rev. 5 and lower)

(Proof of owning the Original ROM required , for the version you want patched)

Amiga 500 externe 2MB Fast RAM uitbreiding

Amiga 500 external 2MB Fast RAM expansion

Amiga 500 external 2MB Fast RAM expansion

This is a external memory expansion, a 2MB FastRam memory expansion for connecting to the expansion port of the A500 / A500+.
And besides the fact that you have more memory at your disposal, this also makes your amiga a bit faster. (This does not apply to all processes, Fast RAM is only available to the CPU)
The memory expansion is made up of 4 pieces of 1MB 8 bit memory chips to 2MB 16 bit memory.
The memory is configurable by means of 2 jumpers at address $20xxx - $3fxxx or $40xxx - $5fxxx

Amiga 500 external 2MB Fast RAM Specs :

The memory is not an autoconfig memory, that is, if you boot from a floppy disk with a game you want to play, you will not benefit from the extra memory because it is not logged into the system.
At the same time, this also means that games that cannot handle a memory expansion will not suffer from it.
The memory is submitted to the system by a tool called AutoAddRam , which can be found in the Amiga Download Section .
Optionally, a patched Kickstart 1.3 is available that automatically registers the memory (at the expense of automatically registering the Trapdoor memory).

2MB FastRam (Real FastRam) makes your amiga 25-30% faster in many applications than using a Trapdoor memory expansion.
That trapdoor memory is namely Pseudo FastRam, and does not offer the speed gain that this extension does offer you.
This Fast RAM memory expansion on the expansion port simply works together with your existing 512KB / 1.8 MB trapdoor memory expansion.

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Amiga 500 external 2MB Fast RAM expansion
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