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60,00 euro

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Amiga 2000 IDE / 2MB RAM / Kick3.1+ (Upgrade Kit), for placement in the Co-Processor slot of the Amiga 2000

Amiga 2000 IDE / 2MB RAM / Kick3.1+ (Kit)

Amiga 2000 2MB Fastram uitbreiding

Amiga 2000 IDE / 2MB RAM / Kick3.1+ (Upgrade Kit) for the A2000

I only have a limited number of kits on offer that give your standard Amiga 2000 just that little bit of extra gravy. (Note that this is especially intended for the original Amiga 2000 machines.)
If you already have a Turbo card or other expansion, there is a good chance that this option is not necessary at all or even does not even work with your current expansions.
So it is really for people who want to upgrade their amiga 2000, which is still in standard configuration, all at once.

Specs of the  Amiga 2000 IDE / 2MB RAM / Kick3.1+ (Upgrade Kit) for the A2000

The kit consists of:
Amiga 2000 IDE interface  for the (Co)Processor slot ( so it is NOT a Standard ZorroII interface ).
This IDE / ATAPI interface allows you to install a Harddisk, IDE-2-CF or IDE-2-SD interface and a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive in your amiga 2000.

2MB  Fastram expansion board which clicks on the back of the IDE interface, the Fastram memory makes your amiga up to 30% faster than a standard Amiga 500 / 2000.
The fastram memory covers the $20x - $3Fx memory area.

Kickstart ROM 3.1+   (This is a modified version, especially for this kit extended with the correct libraries and with modified functionality.
Only using this kickstart version, the memory will be mounted automatically and you can boot from the internal hard disk / CF card.

* Kickstart 3.1+ works directly on revision 4.3 and newer Amiga 2000 motherboards, older versions require a kickstart adapter board.

Kickstart 3.1+ boot screen

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Amiga 2000 IDE / 2MB RAM / Kick3.1+ (Upgrade Kit)
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