Amiga : Adding a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM to your Amiga 500 (Plus) has never been easier

Adding a CD-ROM / DVD_ROM to your Amiga 500
Adding a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM to your Amiga 500 / 500+ has never been easier.

It has never been easier to make use of a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM with your amiga 500.
Upto now it was so much easier to hook up a CD-ROM drive to a bigbox amiga, with all it's SCSI and IDE controllers available.
for the amiga 500 initially there was an A570 CD-ROM drive, but they where shortlived and are very hard to find nowadays.
But now you can simply connect (Almost) any IDE/ATAPI Optical drive drive to the external IDE/ATAPI interface and hook it up to an (external) power supply, and then you're good to go.

Imagine how many ADF files of 880 KB would fit on a 4.7GB DVD-ROM Disc.

Can i hook up any CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Drive to the Amiga 500 ?

You'll need to make sure when you are Adding a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM to your Amiga 500, that the drive has an IDE / ATAPI interface otherwise it will not be useable with the interface.
And then i did not test every brand and every type, but what i tested on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives worked without a problem.
Powering the CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Drive should be done by using an external power supply, the PSU of the Amigta 500 is not designed with a lot of overcapacity , perhaps it will work but i strongly advice to use an external PSU.

Amiga 500 external IDE/ATAPI Interface (Top View)
CD-ROM / DVD_ROM connected to a Amiga 500
What software / drivers do i need when Adding a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM to your Amiga 500?

The IDE / Atapi interface comes with a floppy disc containing a specific IDE driver that supports harddisks, Compact Flash cards and Optical drives on the external interface.
You need a CD-ROM handler , and a mountlist for mounting the Optical drive, those are all available on the accompanying floppy disc. (The software / drivers work only from kickstart 2.0 and up)

The CD-ROM drive will only work when booting from any disc that contains drivers and mountlist.

Will  it work with Game X or Application Y

Well that one is quite easy to answer, when you are adding a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM to your Amiga 500, there's no autoconfig in any way so there is always the need to load some stuff before the optical drive is recognized.
So if you boot to a CLI or a workbench screen before your game or application is launched , yes it should work (if you alter the bootdisk to load the drivers and mount the optical drive before starting the Game /  Application itsself.

What exactly does and doesn't work is a task you have to find out yourself , it works with all kinds of Amiga Magazine cover CD's , it works with music CD's, it works with burned CD's with ADF or DMS files.

So this will also be an easy way to transport large volume data from PC to the Amiga.

Adding a CD-ROM / DVD_ROM to your Amiga 500
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Super service

Ik heb deze interface net binnen en het ziet er zeer netjes uit. De service van Ed is zoals gewend met eerdere aankopen wederom echt super. Open, eerlijk en vooral, hij denkt met je mee voor de beste en mooiste oplossing.<br />
De case is ook super, alles is strak afgewerkt.<br />
<br />
Tot de volgende aankoop, voor Commodore en Atari spullen is dit het eerste adres waar ik zoek.<br />
<br />
I've just got this interface and it looks really good. The service from this shop is great, the owner is friendly and really tries to help you where he can to build you the best possible solution.<br />
The case on this interface is also really nice.<br />
<br />
This is my go to shop for any Commodore and Atari related products. <br />
<br />
Thanks again Ed.

Amiga 500 / 500+ External IDE Interface 40pin

Excellent solution! Excellent product! Must have if you own an Amiga 500.

external ide + cf adapter

Thanx Ed,<br />
<br />
Nice product!!! Works perfect.

Amiga 500 / 500+ Extern IDE Interface 40pin Kit, met direct bevestigde IDE-2-CF adapter en voorgeinstalleerde 256MB CF kaart

This works perfectly!
No problem.
Good quality.

Another Incredible Product

Another piece of magic from Ed.

I use my Amiga in Workbench a lot for Assembly Programming and accessing BBS'. This device saves me having to swap floppies and speeds up the entire experience.
Very easy to use and comes with a preconfigured CF card so you don't need to go through the hassle of setting them up with the A500.

Wholly recommend, and Ed is a great guy, he will help you get to the set up that you dream of.

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