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About this website

This website was initially created to support old and new owners of old (er) devices that depend on a floppy drive.
Think of (game) computers such as Amiga, Atari and MSX, the PC, but also samplers and synthesizers and / or sewing tools such as knitting and embroidery machines.

Today we live in a disposable culture where devices stop working on an assembly line long before the actual life expectancy of such devices would.
Often this even happens artificially (Support for updates expires, browser x no longer works on version that, at least version this to be able to run that)

Fortunately, I have a large group of people who (still) know how to appreciate how a sustainable device from back then, still works or can do its job effectively today.

For those people I started this informative website, for anyone who has a Gotek floppy drive emulator in their device, or are thinking of purchasing it in the future to replace their defective floppy drive.

When I started using the Gotek floppy emulator a few years ago, it turned out not to be easy to collect information.
A lot of information is not or difficult to find, or in a foreign language, this site will try to offer the information in Dutch and classified

The information you will find on this site will by no means be complete, perhaps even incorrect, if you have any comments or remarks both specific and general, please let me know.

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