Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions :

Maintaining a website, designing and testing new applications for old hardware and keeping the same old (er) hardware in good condition takes time and money.

The items that you can order through this website contribute to the financing of all this, which ultimately benefits you.
Unfortunately, I cannot escape attaching some conditions to this.

All material offered is personally built or modified, tested and provided by me.
The items obtained on the basis of open hardware or open software will (where possible) be donated a margin to the developer of this item per item sold.

For the fellow hobbyist, I try as much as possible to supply the offered hardware items as a PCB (PCB), or as a Kit (PCB and components), so that you can tinker yourself and save a few euros for buying something else. .
Requirements :

When sending items, the costs and risks are at all times for the recipient (apparently in the Netherlands it does not matter whether you send as a letterbox package or registered mail, if things go wrong at PostNL you have lost your things or your money).

The status to date is that 0 parcels have been lost
 (both national and international)

I do this from my hobby, I do not have a company, and only have minimal margins, so it is impossible to send items that have not been received again. (That is possible in principle: but then prices have to go up by a quarter, and that is precisely what I do not want.)

The information you will find on this site will by no means be complete, perhaps even incorrect, if you have any comments or remarks both specific and general, please let me know.

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