About Me

About Me

I have been deeply involved in what was then the newest of the new for nearly 40 years, and in the meantime technology has become a thing of the past.
I have a huge love for Retro technology, and that is broader than just the old (game) computers.
Retro Audio and Video (or rather it is called Vintage audio and video) is something I have a soft spot for.

I also have Betamax, Video2000, Walkman, Minidisc, CD-Video (No Video-CD) and LaserDisc in my collection.

The disadvantage of retro stuff will be known to many people, V-belts decay to powder or chewing gum, magnetic material (tapes, floppies) decay and become unusable.
Then we are not even talking about the somewhat newer retro stuff (1990 - 2010) that is suffering enormously from the obesity capacitors, it does not work, open it, and then you often see one or more capacitors that are very blown up or even cracked open with dire consequences.

And last but not least about the 'leak-proof' batteries for holding configurations and date / time ... they just turned out not to be leak-free, and the content turns out to be quite aggressive to our estimates.

In the context of sticking to the past, also for the old floppies, there is now a solution, where you can easily use the floppies in a form that is no longer subject to (natural) degradation:
A Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator with alternative Firmware.

Over the years I have equipped a number of my own machines (Amiga, Atari, MSX) with Goteks, first standard models, then with rotary encoder and later also with OLED Display.
Oled Display is nice, but it is a no go for me personally, the installation does not go well and therefore because I do not support the result, I cannot deliver it.
If you want to get started with it yourself, I can supply ready-made installation sets that you can build in yourself (no soldering required), but the result remains Mwoh at its best in my humble opinion.

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