installing a reset switch in a Amiga 500

Amiga 500 Reset switch location #1
Adding a Reset Switch to your Amiga 500 / 500+

Reset functionality Amiga 500.

The amiga 500 / 500+ has a reset function that is triggered by pressing the Control - Left Amiga - Right Amiga keys.
Although it is a software-initiated reset call, it results in a hard reset performed immediately.
(Unlike other models, which handle a chain of reset handlers in sequence.
These can be thought of as sort of cleanup routines that "must" be executed before the reset will eventually occur.

Reset Switch for the Amiga 500

Now the question is whether you could perform a reset in an easier way, without using 2 hands.
Think, for example, of a temporary disability such as having a cup of coffee in your hands or if you are eating a sandwich with jam.
And sometimes a more permanent handicap makes it difficult to press 3 keys with 2 hands.
The Amiga 500 has a physical reset line on the keyboard connector that allows you  to connect a small reset switch / button and place it anywhere on or in your amiga.


Reset Switch (Button) with Cable
Amiga 500 Keyboard Pinout Schematics
Reset Switch / Button in the Amiga 500
When you open the Amiga 500, somewhere quite far at the back there is a connector on which the Keyboard connector is attached.
The reset line can be found on 1 of the pins (see photo), if this line is briefly grounded, it means that the machine is forced into a reset.
Note that it is a hard reset, so no processes are terminated, no things are saved or properly closed. (with ctrl-A-A it is done the same way)

You have several options for connecting the reset switch to the keyboard connector in both a permanent and a more semi-permanent way.
The least invasive way is to make a tight fitting eyelet in the wire, tin this eyelet and put it around the pin, then put the connector on top that will hold the case in place.
This way you can easily undo it and this is a minimal effort way.

You can also solder the wires of the reset button directly to the header (or to the bottom of the PCB), this is not irreversible and it is a bit more difficult to take things apart,

The third option would be easy to realize with the help of a splitter (either cable or a small PCB).
if someone needs it, I could design such a small PCB.
Such an adapter should be possible to realize completely for 4-5 euros.

reset switch location #2

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