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27,50 Euro Amiga A500 / A2000 Internal IDE Interface (IDE Interface only) (Various models)

For a complete working system you also need an  IDE 2 Compact Flash Adapter, and a Compact Flash Card.
The picture on the right shows a complete setup with the IDE adapter and the two extensions mentioned above.

Amiga intern IDE Interface met IDE2CF adapter en Compact Flash Kaart

Amiga 500 / 500+ / 2000 IDE Interface (68000 Socket)
Internal IDE Interface for the Amiga 500 / 500+ / 2000

This Interface is placed in the processor socket, the processor then comes in the socket on this interface.

NOTE: This interface is NOT autobooting, which means that when you turn on your computer, it will not boot from the hard disk.
Booting is done with a special boot disk (*.ADF) that you load using your Gotek, or you write the file back to a physical disk. (You can find this disk in the download   section of this site.)
Booting from the gotek takes a few seconds, then the harddisk is mounted and the links made, booting continues from the harddisk.
Depending on your system you are 15-30 seconds further and you have an amiga that simply works from the hard drive.

Of course there are much more ingenious systems on the market, but they often cost double or more, for me this was a nice and cheap solution to have everything I need at hand.

The available options for the Amiga 500 / 500+ can be found here , and for the Amiga 2000 you can find it here.

Then just a few more remarks :

Close-up Amiga IDE interface onder het Amiga Keyboard
Boven aanzich Amiga 500 met IDE Interface en CF kaart adapter

.1 Whether this card fits in your system depends on the type and model revision you have. (there are now about 3 models, so one always fits)
.2 Whether this card fits in your system depends on whether you already have other expansions internally in your Amiga.
.3 With the card installed, your amiga 500 can simply be closed, including the can.
.4 This card does not work with trapdoor memory larger than 512KB
.5 This card also works with harddisks, they just can't get enough power from the IDE Interface itself.
.6 The card can also be supplied with a pre-assembled MC68000 , you can then keep your own CPU as a spare.
.7 This card can work with Fat95 or Amiga FFS formatted CF cards, but each filesystem uses its own bootdisk.
(Both bootdisks can be found in the Download Section)

Please contact us if you have any questions about this adapter and your specific model (revision number) of your Commodore Amiga.

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Amiga Internal IDE Interface
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Interne ide interface

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