Amiga : IDE Interface further Functionality tests

Workbench Screen, IDE controller with CD connected
Amiga IDE interface functionality Further explored

The weather has been so bad the past few days that I finally had the time to put the IDE interface to the test and to test the extensive possibilities myself.
Of course the interface already worked fine in the basic setup, but theoretically could do much more.
I just like that I tested everything myself before I announce that too🙂

Master / Slave combinations, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-Audio, Harddisk support and a number of other things have all been tested and got it working.

What I tested additional to the IDE Interface :

IDE HDD   as Master (120 MB, 2.1 GB) (External Power)
CF-2-IDE   as Master
CF-2-IDE   as Master with CF-2-IDE     as Slave
CF-2-IDE   as Master with CD-ROM      as Slave (External Power)
CF-2-IDE   as Master with DVD-ROM as Slave (External Power)
CD-ROM   as Master. (External Power)

To use a CD / DVD -ROM at the interface you must have at least Kickstart 2.
There are a handful of CD/DVD drivers available, both paid and free versions, the only one I've gotten working is one that requires at least kickstart 2.
There is a version that should work from Kickstart 1.2, unfortunately I was unable to actually get it to work.

The devices I tested all worked without any problems except for 1 CD-ROM drive, but that doesn't automatically mean that every CD-ROM, HDD and CF card will work with this controller.

Of course I have adapted the corresponding Bootdisks so that they can also (if desired) automatically mount the CD-ROM drive connected to the Amiga IDE interface.

CF kaart en CD-ROM aan Ide Interface

The test environment 🙂Compact Flash card as Master Drive and CD-ROM as Slave drive.

Amiga Format CD #09 is recognized. Disk changes are also recognized.

Contents of the Amiga Format CD #09 : Double click and the contents will be displayed.

CD-DA (Audio CDs) are also recognized and played without any problems.

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