Shop : Amiga 500 512KB Single Chip Memory Expansion

Price Description
17,50 Euro Memory expansion 512KB for the Amiga 500 (Single Chip version).
2,50 Euro Optional on/off switch with +/- 20 cm connection cable.

On/Off Switch for the 512KB memory expansion for the Amiga 500

'Black Betty' 512KB single Chip Memory Expansion for the Amiga 500
Amiga 500 trapdoor memory expansion 512KB

Double the internal memory of your Amiga 500 from 512KB to 1MB with this memory extension.
This memory expansion uses a single modern energy efficient EDO Ramchip.
Furthermore, the memory expansion can be switched off by means of an On/Off jumper.
Optionally, it can also be switched on/off by means of a switch, the cable on the switch is long enough to be led outside without drilling a hole in your precious amiga.
Furthermore, the memory expansion is equipped with a Power LED.
All memory extensions supplied by me have undergone an extensive Burn-in test.

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