Shop : Amiga 3000 Buffered Bootselector DF0: – DF1: / DF0: – DF2:

Price :

17.50 euros


Description :

DF0: - DF2: Amiga 3000 Buffered Bootselector (DF1: or DF2: Device support choice by means of 2 Jumpers).
Including boot selector switch with +/- 30 cm connection cable.

Amiga 3000 Bootselector Df0-Df2

Shop: Amiga Bootselector DF0: - DF2:
Amiga 3000 Buffered Bootselector (Configurable for DF0: - DF1: or Df0: - DF2:)
I sold several of my A2000 bootselectors to Amiga 3000 owners, and got some info back that to make it fit better in the A3000 , the footprint needed to change a little for the A3000.
With the feedback and support i got back from them i was able to design a Amiga 3000 Buffered Bootselector.  This one fits without a problem in the Amiga 3000.

The buffer ensures that switching from DF0: to DFx: (And vice versa) is not mechanical but electronic.
That in turn minimizes the chance that your MOS CIA (8520) will malfunction due to the switch.
A mechanical switch is still used for this, but only to trigger the electronic switch.
The bootselector can also be configured to switch DF0: - DF1: by means of 2 jumpers, so that you can also boot from a 2nd internal drive (Gotek drive / 5.25 FDD) if it is built into your Amiga 3000 as DF1 :
Of course, the device can also be used in an Amiga 500, if there is a need to be able to boot from DF2: for the Amiga 500.

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