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30,00 Euro Amiga 1200 / 600 Bootselector, consists of 2 interfaces, 1 internal, and 1 external on the Floppy port.
(No soldering required)

Bootselector for Amiga 1200  and 600

Amiga 1200 Bootselector

The Bootselector for the Amiga 1200 / 600 The other part connects to the external Floppy port

Amiga 1200 / 600 Bootselector allows selecting booting from DF0: or  DF1: 

After i read somewhere about a guy that had to solder all kind of stuff on his A1200 motherboard, i have been brainstorming about another way to get the same result.
I wanted to mimic the Bootselectors that are widely available for the Amiga 500 / 2000 without the need to solder on your precious hardware.
After drawing some schematics i came up with  a way to enable that same behaviour on the SMT 8520 versions of the Amiga (600 / 1200)


This Amiga 1200 / 600 Bootselector consists of 2 interfaces

One internally between the internal floppy drive and the floppy cable, and the other one externally, connected to the floppy port on the back of your Amiga.
The only thing you need to do is bring 2 wires from the internal interface to the external interface.
And then your boot selector for the Amiga 1200 / 600 is ready to be used.

Price for the Bootselector  (consisting of 2 interfaces)  including a 30cm powercable and floppycable is 30,00 euro's

Amiga 1200 / 600 Bootselector

The Bootselector for the Amiga 1200 / 600 2 wires connect the internal and external part.

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Amiga 1200 / 600 Bootselector DF0: - DF1:
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 7 reviews
 by Tolkien
Amiga 1200 Bootselector

excellent product, fast shipping and Ed is a very nice person !
thanks for all

 by John
Amiga 1200 Bootselector

Despite stating that they would only trade within the EU, they were happy to despatch to the UK. The whole transaction was handled extremely well and I received the Selector very quickly. Communication was almost instant, and easy to understand. Many thanks...

 by Eyal
Amiga 1200 Bootselector

Great Option !
As far as I know it is the only simple solution for an external Gotek on the Amiga 1200, it just works great !
Thanks Ed for you patience and service ! Top notch !

 by Bjarke
Excellent product and service

Fantastic product! Excellent solution to the problem, and something which was sorely needed for A600/A1200!
(Note that the interface does not end up in a DB23 female connector, but instead a floppy/power-connector you can plug directly into Goteks, as shown on the pictures)

Also very great service! Our emails began not always arriving to each other (went on for several days), but he still went out of his way to try to reach me in various ways (both before and also even *after* i had paid the money). Not because he strictly speaking had to, but because he wanted to ensure the products would be right for me and fit correctly inside my slightly modified amiga.

 by Guillaume
Amiga 1200 Bootselector

Fast shipping. Easy installation, without any soldering. Works great with the external Gotek, connected to the Amiga 600. Great device, thanks!

 by Eberhard Blum
A1200 boot selector

The A1200 boot selector from is what Amigans have been missing so far... No soldering needed and it works like a charm!!! Off to play Cyberpunks 2 on my vampired A1200 with an external Gotek as DF0: 🙂 Best regards. Ebster/Forum64.

 by Marcel
Wonderful Hardware Amiga 1200 Bootselector

I love it. It just Works. Now i can Boot From My extern Gotek Drive. Fast Sending With good Packaging.


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